Warby Parker Growth Strategy Marketing – Case Study


Warby Parker Growth Strategy Marketing – Case Study

Warby Parker Growth Strategy
Warby Parker Growth Strategy

Warby Parker is primarily an online seller of prescription eyewear, although it has a few bricks-and-mortar locations. Frames are designed in-house, with most selling for $95.

What is the growth strategy of Warby Parker….

that means 50% of sales are via word of moth marketing.

Since its founding in 2010, the brand has distinguished itself for its often quirky but thoroughly engaging approach to customer satisfaction. For instance, the Home-Try-On program allows customers to receive five frames to try at home for five days at no cost.

Warby Parker also exhibits an appealing a social conscience. For each pair of glasses they sell, they pay for the production of a second pair to be given to an individual in need through the non-profit VisionSpring.

Warby Parker has been responsible for the distribution of almost half a million pairs of glasses through this relationship.

Beyond being a genuinely charitable endeavor, the strategy is a subtle reinforcement of the company’s “vision” both as product and corporate culture.

But the real growth engines at Warby Parker are social engagement and virality. More than 50% of the company’s sales are achieved via word of mouth generated through diversified use of social media and email.

The company utilizes Tumblr and Pinterest primarily for brand awareness while it interacts with consumers in real time on Twitter and Facebook. The content on these feeds is quirky and has extreme viral appeal.

For instance, Warby Parker maintained a Pinterest board that was originally called “Bespectacled Bloggers,” but is now “Our Friends in Our Frames.” It contains 218 pins and has 13,217 followers.

The company sees email as a tool for personal engagement. Responses to customers include links to silly videos, funny comments, and options for social sharing.

On average, an email from Warby Parker is shared up to 80 times! The company knows that mobile device users are increasingly watching video content wherever they may be, so all content is optimized for mobile sharing.

Warby Parker has managed to create a corporate culture that makes it stand out from the crowd and attract a loyal following. While this approach won’t necessarily work for every product or every company, it is an excellent example branding to achieve growth.


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