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How to Increase Your Email Subscribers

Email Subscribers
Email Subscribers

How to Increase Your Email Subscribers

Email Subscribers
Email Subscribers

First off remember the quality of your subscribers is highly important. Don’t aim for a huge list; you want a quality responsive list. The higher your open and click through rate, the better.

I have heard of people making thousands every month by having tiny lists but each reader is highly engaged with the author.

Equally there are owners who have lists of tens of thousands that only make a few sales.

I want to explain to you the difference and show you exactly how you can make each subscriber count and generate money for you. There are a few strategies and techniques that will make all the difference.

But first you have to build yourself a quality list – How?

You want to aim for quality every time. A list of buyers is clearly much better than a list of non-buyers; they should be more responsive and open to an offer from you. If your email subscribers love you then there is less chance your email will get marked as spam.

The good news is that it’s not hard to build a list (especially if you already have visitors – but if not I’ll still show you the methods you can use) by following a few simple steps.

You’ll definitely want to read the section below on ‘lead magnets’ for a detailed method that is really effective in building new subscribers.

For the basis of these blog posts I will assume you have an ‘offer or product’ or you have a reason you want to collect subscribers. You need to connect with these people and give them a valid reason for subscribing.

You probably already have a good idea who your audience is, but it’s always worth checking (and check on your competitors as well).

Have a look at




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