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Growth Hacking Strategies and Techniques – Improve Your Marketing

Growth Hacking Strategy Techniques
Growth Hacking Strategy Techniques

 Growth Hacking Strategies and Techniques – Improve Your Marketing

While each of these companies offer excellent examples of growth hacking in action, everyone seems to want to arrive at the “top” growth hacks of all time list.

I’ve already talked about the AirBnB hack to integrate under the radar with Craigslist, but here’s a compilation (in no particular order) of some of the tactics that always seem to make the cut:

One of the Most Famous Growth Hacks

  • Hotmail really is considered one of the classics of growth hacking, and it was a simplistic and ingenious move. That tag line at the bottom of every email, “Get your free email at Hotmail,” took the service from 3000 users to 1 million in 6 months. That one probably will always hold first place on any list because it was and is brilliant.

    The Technique That Works for Facebook

  • The Facebook option to tag someone in a photo sends an email to that person, an action that generates almost a 75% click through rate to the site. The emotional pull is almost irresistible. What’s the picture? What did they say? Is my Mother going to see that? In a true culture of growth, Facebook still has a growth team, even though it’s the largest social network in the world.
  • The Dropbox option to invite a friend and get 500mb of storage kicks up the user’s social reaction and self-interest. Once a Dropbox user really understands what the service can do for them, especially in storing and sharing large photo files, the desire for more space at no cost is almost automatic.

  • Pinterest applies an incredibly simple way to remove any perceived friction from their browsing experience – the ultimate scroll. You can go to Pinterest and look, and look, and look, and look and never click once. Are people really that lazy? Absolutely, but at the same time, this technique creates stickiness and ultimately will draw them deeper and deeper into the site.
  • Instagram does something similar with their feed via their mobile app. To speed load time, they put only the most popular photos first, which encourages scrolling and encourages users to add and share their own photos. Both Pinterest and Instagram are heavily dependent on the power of visual appeal and have optimized their feeds brilliantly to capitalize on that experience.
  • There are some pretty brilliant game-based growth hacks out there as well. In mid-2013, the game Candy Crush was reporting 45 million users per month. How? By its very design Candy Crush creates sweet tooth addicts. When a user “dies,” they either have to wait 30 minutes for a timer reset, pay for more lives to play again, or go out begging / inviting friends to sign up and help them out.


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