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How To Get More Email Subscribers

Get More Email Subscribers
Get More Email Subscribers

How To Get More Email Subscribers

Get More Email Subscribers
Get More Email Subscribers

You have to realise that people are now bombarded with requests for their email address on almost every site they visit. So you have to work harder to get your visitors to hand over their email address.

The ‘Lead Magnet’ section is one of the most effective methods, but you still need a great reason for people to hand over their email address. We give you some great ideas in that section.

You have to answer the question “What’s in it for me” why should someone give you his or her email address? What are you promising?

I’m sorry to say, especially if they are a brand new visitor, they don’t really carry that much about you! They want to know how you are going to help them or what you are going to do for them.

  • What problem can you solve for them?
  • Can they trustyou?
  • Is your offer compelling?
  • Make sure they can only get it from you.
  • When will they receive it?

You want to try and answer all of these questions in a brief headline and a few lines of text. Look at what offers your competitors are using – how can you improve them?

Come up with the strongest benefit you can for a person to sign up and spend a while writing a headline, rewriting it – make it the strongest you can.

Tip – You may want to include something along the lines of “we’ll email this report to you straight away”. This is to try and stop people entering junk / false email addresses (especially important if you are using single opt-in) in the hope that they will receive your offer on the next page. If you make it clear that the offer will be emailed to them you can help limit this.

You’ll want to get people to sign up to your list in any way you can think of provided they are targeted. What follows is a list of ideas you may want to integrate into your marketing to get more email subscribers outside of your website. With all the methods listed you need to give them a reason WHY!

  • Facebook– Using iframes you can now include a subscription form inside Facebook.
  • Write a book (like this) and include a way people can join your list.
  • Write Articles – If you write great contentthat you can share with others. Include a resource box that leads to your sign up form.
  • Offering Coupons – Offer discountsand coupons to other sites for your products. If someone clicks the link ensure they have to join your list first.
  • Affiliate programs – Running your own affiliatescheme can generate a lot of customers. But you could also pay per subscriber (providing you can track the quality).
  • Related Companies (Not direct competitors) – This can be effective. Set up agreements with related companies e.g. if you run a plumbing business you could do a deal with a local electrician. When someone subscribes to their list they are also given an option (and perhaps offer) to subscribe to yours and vice versa.
  • Refer a friend – Offer an incentivefor customers to refer friends to your newsletter.
  • Forums – Provide great value to people with forum posts in topics on your niche. In your signature file include a link where they can hear more from you.
  • 404 Pages – Customize your 404 / page not found on your website to say sorry that the page no longer exists. But put an offer ‘By way of an apology join our list…’

Another option is if you sell a physical product that you have to send customers. If you do, include a leaflet or some type of offer that encourages the user to go back to your website and subscribe. This can be very effective if you also sell via a third party like Amazon where you can’t easily capture a customer’s details.

For example if you sold ‘cycling gloves’ you could include a leaflet that has an offer along the lines of “Discover how you can cycle faster and further in 3 weeks with this breakthrough training technique….”

Further suggested places

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