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Email Marketing Checklist – 11 Quick ways to get an easy win


You could probably increase your email marketing results by 50% or more using these 10 simple to implement techniques. More email engagement can result in more new and repeat business. These are easy wins if you make the changes.

1. Use analytics to ensure you have sign up forms on ALL your most visited pages

2. Use a 2 step sign up process – I’ve heard of 25%+ increases in sign ups! Note that 2 step is different to double opt in

3. Use a custom ‘thank you’ page to engage your readers and tell them what to do next

4. Use a custom ‘thank you’ page after someone has confirmed their subscription. Tell them what to do next

5. A custom ‘Already subscribed’ page. Keep them on your site and tell them what to do next eg “You are already subscribed, now check out this guide…”

6. First emails are so important – write a great first email that introduces you and your business. Give great content and include a quick action step that can produce a immediate result.

7. Keep your emails scannable. View your emails on mobile and desktop. Use short sentences, paragraphs, headers and subheads

8. Remind people where they subscribed to you from and the details you have.

9. Use ‘Global Text Snippet’ (Aweber) helps promote content throughout your emails by making 1 change.

10. Encourage engagement – Build a relationship with your subscribers and encourage them to ask questions, respond to your views.


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