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Email Marketing Facts – Introduction

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Email Marketing
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Email Marketing Facts –

There are roughly 22,000,000,000 (22 Billion) emails sent EVERY hour.

Average Open Rate – 11% – 15%

Average Click Through Rate – 2.1% – 5%

I can teach you a lot about email marketing! Here’s how…

How do you make sure YOUR email gets the attention it deserves? You’re about to be amazed as I reveal the tactics that allowed me to build one of the UK’s largest niche businesses over the past 14 years.

I have sent millions of ‘permission based / double opt-in’ emails and generated millions in sales as a result.

Email marketing – How Can It Help You?

I just want to give you quality information that I know works and is highly effective… but in a compact format.

One that is easy to follow and allows you to put into practice all the techniques and strategies you’ll discover without all the fluff and padding.

Email marketing is a crucial part of any business and done effectively is highly profitable.

There are a few techniques that you can use now to make every one of your email campaigns far more effective and generate more impressive results.

I’ve learnt the majority of these techniques the hard way through trial and error. I’ve been using email marketing since 2000 and built lists into the tens of thousands of subscribers in very, very narrow markets.

The good news for you is it can be done easier today than at anytime before. The software is better and easier to use. There has been more research on what works the best and I want to reveal it all to you so you can develop a highly effective email marketing machine that deliveries the results you want.

Over the forthcoming posts you’ll discover everything you need to know including:

  • The best times of day to send email marketing
  • The days of the week that will generate the best results (and the days to avoid)
  • Subject lines that increase open rates
  • Highly effective emails ideas for different types of jobs
  • Clever ways to increase the number of targetedsubscribers you receive
  • Popular and under the radar softwarethat you can use
  • What you MUST avoid to ensure your emails are delivered.
  • Avoiding Google’s promotion filter
  • My favourite method of increasing subscribers
  • Ways to improve your conversion rate
  • Produce better emails using these tactics
  • When to use specific types of emails
  • What to do straight after someone subscribes (and it’s probably not what you think)

And lots, lots more…

The aim of this feature is to make you an email marketing master and help you produce results you could have only dreamed of before.

You can make a lot of money using email marketing effectively and here’s how…


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