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Autoresponders & Broadcasts
Autoresponders & Broadcasts

Autoresponders & Broadcasts

Autoresponders & Broadcasts
Autoresponders & Broadcasts

There are two types of emails you can send through the email software providers – Autoresponders and Broadcasts.


Autoresponders are a series of emails you can write once and your provider will then send them out to your subscribers at the times you set.

Used correctly they are fantastic! Imagine doing the work once and then your subscribers continually get new content from you.


Day 1 – email 1 is delivered
Day 2 – email 2 is delivered
Day 4 – email 3 is delivered
Day 7 – email 4 is delivered
Day 10 – email 5 is delivered….
…Day 400 – email 60 is delivered!

You can have as many emails in your autoresponder series as you wish. You can spread them out over any time length you want.

Depending on your provider you can do clever things with autoresponders including using specific days of the week (that your provider will change automatically) and limited offers…

For example, you could write “…. You must order this by [day +3]” and in the email your customer receives, if they open it on Tuesday it would automatically say “… You must order this by Friday”.

You don’t want to include any date specific content in these emails e.g. “did you have a good Christmas” since depending on when someone subscribes they might receive that email in summer!


These are your traditional newsletters. They are sent to your entire list regardless of when they joined.

You want to use these for ‘latest news and offers’ – up-to- date information.

You can segment these people if you wish and send different content to each depending on when they subscribed. You may want to write a slightly different email to your new subscribers who don’t know you as well; especially if you are pitching a product.

Big Tip – I repeat this tip later in the book but it’s a big tip that not many people use “You might find a good idea is to schedule all your autoresponders to be delivered on set days, perhaps Tuesday and Friday. That way it leaves Wednesday and Thursday for your mass broadcasts. Otherwise you may find that a subscriber is ending up with two different emails from you on the same day and feels a bit overloaded and may even think you’re spamming them!”

Here’s what you want to use…

In a word ‘Both’, use a smart mix of autoresponders and broadcasts to build a relationship and sell your products. For example on an old site (food making) I used to provide a load of recipes on my autoresponder, and the newsletter allowed me to sell the latest offers I had.

How Often?

Almost everyone you speak to about this will give you a different opinion on how often you should send autoresponders and newsletters.

With autoresponders you probably want to start off sending more over a short period of time and slowly lengthen the period.

For example to send 3 or 4 autoresponders in the first week is not uncommon, in the second week you might go for another 3 and in the third and fourth weeks take it down to 2 a week.

However make sure you track what your readers are doing. If you notice a lot of unsubscribers on a particular autoresponder, it will probably be one of two things:

  • The contentin that autoresponder is poor and you need to rewrite it.
  • They are getting fed up with the volume of email and you’ll want to lengthen the space between emails.

In terms of sending newsletters – how many should you send? My advice is twice a month, but you’ll have other people saying once a week keeps you in the forefront of their minds, and others saying once a month works best.

Therefore I would say – write when you can provide good solid content and you have a reason to email your subscribers. There is little point writing once a week if you have nothing to say. Because over time you’ll find that your subscribers simply will not respond or even bother to open your email. If however you can provide content people love then do it!

Quick Note – The exception to these would be if you were trying to get a one-time sale and have nothing else to offer (in this case, you should really rethink your business model!)

You could email every day until someone either buys or unsubscribes.


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