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Email Marketing – Making It Super Easy To Subscribe

Joining Email List
Joining Email List

Email Marketing – Making It Super Easy To Subscribe

Joining Email List
Joining Email List

If that’s what your visitors think – hang your head in shame!

Although I have to be honest, the company I sold one of my businesses to, now has the newsletter sign up form buried at the bottom of the home page. I bet they get a terrible response and it’s costing them sales. It’s madness! But that’s another story.

Realistically you want to make sure EVERY visitor to your site has the chance – and not just one chance but multiple chances to join your list.

Put your sign up forms where they can’t be missed!

My favourite position (and the place where I had the best response when I had forms actually on the page) was the top right. You might find top left works for you. But whatever you do please do not put it below the fold, as you will drastically harm your chances of getting a subscriber. Below the fold means making someone scroll down to see your sign up box.

Ideally you want it in this position on EVERY page of your site. If that is not possible put it there on the home page and then ensure you put a sign up box somewhere on all your other pages – preferably as high up the page as possible.

Then use the software provided by your email manager (e.g. Aweber) to give them extra chances to join.

You know you hate ‘pop ups / hover over’ well bad news! They work and that’s why people use them! Although not as effective as they once were, they still work better than just having a plain form on your website.

Pop ups can work as follows:

  • On Entry – As soon as a visitor arrives, a pop up email is displayed asking him/her to subscribe. These are the worst of all pop ups! Let your visitors have chance to consume your contentat least for a few seconds!
  • On Exit – As someone leaves your site you offer him/her one last chance to subscribe.
  • Fly In – You’ve probably seen them, these are ‘pop ups’ that fly from the side of the page. They can grab attention but equally their timing should still be delayed.
  • Corner Peel – Not quite a pop up but still in the same category. They make the top corner of your website look like it can be peeled away. When someone does that your offer or subscription box is revealed.

I would strongly test using them and ‘lightboxes’ (that’s where you see a box pop up and the rest of the page goes dark). These can be very effective as they draw your eye to the offer.

Also test the timing of the lightboxes / popups, etc. Having it display straight away is not a good idea (generally). You want people to have a brief look at your site. Try delaying the pop up for 7 – 10 seconds and see what response you get. Try 30 seconds (most email software allows you to run split tests). The timing can have a big effect on your subscriber rate. I once increased subscribers by more than 11% by delaying the pop up for 20 seconds.

Then ideally you want to provide a ‘one last chance’ to subscribe and use a ‘pop up on exit’. You can get some clever web scripts that will detect when a user is about to leave your website and then display your subscriber box.

You might want to look at –


I’ve also heard good things about –

www.hellobar.com – creates a sign up bar that catches attention and goes across the top of your website.

Or try the range of options via Sumo.com

Tip – Providing it’s true, make sure you tell possible subscribers in small print just under the sign up box “We never share or sell your details”. That should help increase the number of people who join.


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