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Single Opt-in or Double Opt-in – Email Marketing

Single Opt-in or Double Opt-in
Single Opt-in or Double Opt-in

Single Opt-in or Double Opt-in

Single Opt-in or Double Opt-in
Single Opt-in or Double Opt-in

With the various email providers you can either use single or double opt-in. Again there is not a specific answer as to what is best.

A single opt-in

This is where a user enters their email address and they are automatically subscribed to your list. They don’t have to take any further action.

Using this method you will get more subscribers! The downside is you’ll probably get more spam complaints and it’s harder to move lists between providers.

Double Opt-in

This is where someone joins your email list. But then your email provider sends them an email asking them to confirm that they really want to subscribe. Often you can customize the email that is sent. However it will cut the number of subscribers you receive since people forget to confirm or just don’t get around to it.

On the plus side those who do double opt-in are more likely to be committed to reading what you send. You’ll probably find you have a smaller but more responsive list.

You can help limit the number of people who ‘forget or don’t get around to confirming their request’ by providing good instructions on your ‘thank you’ page. Plus if your sign up offer was really good, people should be prepared to confirm their email address because they are keen to get the offer.

In all honesty I use both. You’ll note with this book it’s just single opt-in. However generally I favour a double opt-in. I went for a single opt-in on this book because I didn’t want to make you do more work than was needed.

Think about what your visitors are doing when they arrive at your site. In your case, you are reading the ebook or physical book. Chances are you’re not near your PC.

I figure asking you to go to a single webpage and enter your email address was enough. I didn’t want you then to have to open emails and confirm. It would probably be too much hassle.

You have already qualified yourself by buying the book in the first place so I’m unlikely to get too many false emails. Especially when I can help you out and improve your email marketing.


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